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Music Together Babies

Beginning your Baby’s Musical Journey

A born sounder and mover, your baby is already equipped with the means and potential to make music. You've probably noticed how they respond when you play a song in the car or sing them a song to soothe them. Developing your baby's natural musicality will open the door to a world of possibility, not only for music learning but for all learning. The early months are so important to this process, which is why we designed this special class to help you every step of the way.

Music Together offers a one-semester Babies Class for families with infants from birth through eight months of age. In this class, the activities are specifically designed to teach you how to support music development in infancy and how to connect with your baby through music using methods such as "purposeful touch," "sound-layering," "dancing for baby," etc. And since our Babies Class uses the same song collections as our other classes, you will experience a seamless transition as your baby grows into our mixed-age, in-school, and "Big Kids" classes.

Babies are Born Music Makers

Bonding through family activities that focus on music—like singing around a piano—is increasingly rare. Today, children often experience music passively through mobile devices, CDs, and TV. But music-making is a basic life skill, just like walking or talking. Although simply listening to music has its place in a well-rounded music education, it doesn’t support learning in the same way that active music-making experiences do. When a child can learn through the support and example of family members in the same way they learn language, their learning potential is limitless.

In your Music Together class, you’ll explore ways to make music with and for your baby, giving them the support they need to become the music-maker they were born to be.

 How will my baby benefit from music?

As a parent, you pay attention to every move your baby makes. Have you noticed their eyes light up when they hear a song? Do they start cooing and wiggling when you sing a nursery rhyme? Chances are you've seen glimpses of the music-maker inside—now it's up to you to bring it out to the fullest!

When you sing in the car or dance in the living room, you are setting the model for your baby, who is listening and observing as you play with music. With Music Together, you can learn lots of musical ways to interact and bond with your new baby, supporting their development in these important early years. Read more about how Music Together supports your baby’s brain development (PDF) and the parent-child relationship (PDF).

How Do You Know Your Baby Is Ready?

Since babies are musical beings even before birth, it’s never too early to get started—even newborns are amazingly oriented to become music-makers. Because they begin to hear and respond to sound in the womb, most babies’ sense of hearing is well developed at birth, and they are already alert to musical sounds—especially the voice of a parent singing! Just as your baby is prepared to learn language, they are equally prepared to learn music.

Soon after birth, your baby may cry, giggle, coo, and squeal with excitement -all of which help prepare them for expressing themselves musically someday. They’re receptive to music, too. Studies show that babies perceive differences in loudness and melody, respond to tempo changes, and sense when a song is ending. They often move physically when music starts or stops and may show a startle response when the music ends—even in their sleep!

We offer three options for babies eight months of age or younger:

  • They may attend a Mixed-age class, whether registered on their own or attending free with an older brother or sister.? 
  • They may attend our special Babies Class, with music activities specifically designed to help you connect with your baby and support their music development.? 
  • They may be enrolled in a child care or early learning center where Music Together has been integrated into the curriculum.





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Tuition for all Music Together classes includes family materials to use at home (e.g., recordings of our award-winning music, illustrated songbook, parent education resources). See individual class type pages for details.

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Tue at 5:15 PM starts 1/23/24 ~ 0-8m Jessica Lee Pacifier North Loop $160.00 Register!